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Selecting A Kit

To be honest, I really didn't look at all the kit manufacturers and make an unbiased decision on which one to buy.  When I started researching Cobra kits on the web one of the first things I read was this web page: http://www.erareplicas.com/dansommers/dan1.htm  I was pretty much sold on ERA as a company from then on.  When I did look at all the other kit manufacturers it was in terms of  "why not ERA".   We were invited to a friends wedding in Connecticut so Wendi and I took the opportunity to visit ERA and confirm the decision.  I liked the people we met at ERA and I liked the engineering described in their website: http://www.erareplicas.com  There are more original kits out there but this one seems to have improved upon the original from an engineering standpoint. A more original cobra replica like the Kirkham aluminum bodied car http://www.kirkhammotorsports.com would have been nice, but the added cost and my perception at the time that their kits were less complete and would require more work kept me with ERA.

Bodies sitting outside to "cure".

Wondering how you open the door on a cobra.

The first thing you notice is the pedals and footbox are slightly offset.

I was really impressed with the quality. (If I was sitting in your car I'm sorry :)

Nice Engine!

This is the optional outboard brake rear suspension.