In the Paint Booth 10/06/2003

The first big push on the project is to get it painted before it gets too cold to paint.  Hopefully this will actually happen, if not then we'll finish in the spring. The first step was to remove almost everything that we don't want painted blue from the car.  The next step was to build a poor man's paint booth in the garage. The goals of the paint booth are to control dust, provide ventilation, control overspray and keep the paint fumes out of the house.  To do this I used 3 rolls of clear plastic sheeting stapled into the garage stall.  Ventilation will be provided by a furnace filter installed in two windows of the garage door and an exhaust fan installed in the walk in door.  Lighting will be 8 fluorescent shop lights installed on the ceiling and floor plus a halogen work light to be moved around as needed.

Air intake with furnace filter.

Exhaust fan mounted in an old door.

From the front

From the back

I think it'll stop don't you? 12" disc brakes on the front...

and on the rear!

Gutted interior